Using Kubuntu 13.10

Kubuntu is the first full sized distro I have used in a few years. I spent many years using Puppy Linux  created by Barry Krauler but missed the joy and slight complexity of creating my own Kernel as well as having a full fledged development environment . Having used Red Hat many years ago and remembering the enjoyment of changing from a 2.4 Linux kernel to a 2.6 and having it work cued the change. The joy from learning new things has been a constant in my life. I am a 62 year old semi-retired carpenter with a love for music, math and all things computer.

I will get back to my past in time . The present and the future include Kubuntu. Linux has come a long way from a difficult to use operating system to a system that sets up itself pretty much of the time. Red Hat , now a commercial success was at the time I started it was a challenge which I enjoyed. I did not need it to work right away as in my profession it was not necessary. I could spend my time on it without worrying about ruining something I was dependant on. It was dial up at that time and Linux did not handle that well. That was another challenge. Now with the advances made by Linux and the wonderful community support it is much easier to manage. Kubuntu is at this time the pinnacle of the operating system. It is more secure than Windows and free. I can edit certain files to make changes cause it is open source. No need to search the world over for drivers for a device that wouldn’t work. Writable in plain English code give logic a chance to work. No need to pay for the next group of changes . Knowing the code and knowing that I could learn it if I needed to was a relief. Closed code/proprietary left one helpless when faced with an inoperable operating system. With Linux this is not the case. If you can do a search, you can find an answer. The info is out there and a bit of looking will bring the answer. Copy and Paste are the greatest tools in linux.  This is my first post of my new blog. In time I hope to have a coherant and informative blog to share my experiences and hopefully help others enjoy what has been my joy and hobby for many years now. Like I said , this is my first post. I hope to be more coherant and helpful in the future. Have a great day. Learn something new. Keep your brain elastic and your life full of solvable challenges. Marty Young Coventry, ct. 06238

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